Friday, January 01, 2010

2009 Movie Recap

Despite the bad economy, I did beat last year's total of 50 movies seen in the theater: in 2009 I saw 53. In the theater, not on DVD. (Technically, it was more than 53 because I saw a few of these more than once.) I don't even want to add up how much I spent at the theater in 2009; let's just say that I did more than my part to support the movie industry.

Last year I only had two categories: Sucked or Rocked. I've either become a harsher critic or 2009 was a pretty crappy year for movies because, looking over this list, there are very few that were really great. Therefore I'm adding two new categories: Pretty Good and Meh. Pretty good is for movies that didn't really rock but were, well, pretty good. Meh is for movies that neither sucked nor rocked but were just, well, meh.

So without further ado, here you go:

1. Gran Torino-ROCKED
2. Underworld Rise of the Lychans-Meh
3. Taken-rocked (with a small "r")
4. The Unborn-rocked
5. Push-rocked
6. He’s Just Not That Into You-pretty good
7. Pink Panther 2-sucked
8. Watchmen-meh
9. I Love you Man-rocked
10. Fast and Furious-rocked
11. Crank: High Voltage-rocked
12. State of Play-pretty good
13. Obsessed-sucked
14. Fired Up-pretty good
15. X-men Origins: Wolverine-rocked
16. Star Trek-Rocked (with a capital "R" but not all caps)
17. Anglels & Demons-meh
18. Terminator Salvation-pretty good
19. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian-meh
20. The Taking of Pelham 123-ROCKED
21. The Hangover-pretty good
22. Land of the Lost-SUCKED
23. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen-rocked
24. Bruno-meh (with a small "m"; very close to sucked)
25. Public Enemies-rocked
26. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince-meh
27. District 9-rocked
28. Orphan-rocked (for scare/entertainment value)
29. Inglorious Basterds-meh
30. Hurt Locker-rocked (but I don't think it should win best picture or anything)
31. GI Joe-rocked
32. Julie and Julia-ROCKED
33. The Informant-rocked
34. Jennifer’s Body-sucked
35. Capitalism: A Love Story-rocked (but not as good as Sicko)
36. Zombieland-pretty good (but I'm scared of zombies)
37. Couples Retreat-sucked
38. Paranormal Activity-Rocked
39. The Blind Side-ROCKED
40. 2012-meh
41. Up in the Air-pretty good (I was not as impressed as everyone else)
42. Avatar 3D-ROCKED
43. It’s Complicated-Rocked
44. An Education-rocked
45. A Serious Man-sucked (maybe I'm just not smart enough to appreciate it)
46. The Haunting in Connecticut-meh (good scare/entertainment value)
47. Adventureland-pretty good
48. Brothers-Rocked
49. The Collector-Meh (verging on pretty good but not quite)
50. The Uninvited-pretty good
51. Confessions of a Shopaholic-rocked
52. Precious-rocked (but with a small "r"--it was a bit of a disappointment.)
53. Stepfather-pretty good (for what it was)

Best movie of 2009? Gran Torino. Hands down. Worst movie: Land of the Lost.

And a huge thank you to Patrick for keeping this list all year--without me even asking him to! And apologies to him for seeing Brothers without him...

My goal for 2010: 55 movies.

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